Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emma advised my husband to take Brian as his English name

I got a B on the first exam of Anthropology. The grade is better than I imaged. I lost many points on the questions that I understood but did wrong due to carelessness. I worried too much on the DNA part and left little time to take care the rest. If I just gave up the one or two questions I didn’t know and the spent time to double check the whole exam again, I would possible get an A. I regretted about that and learned a lesson from this failure.

I though I could get rest after the three exams this week. So when my friend Emma asked me to go to a party this Saturday night in her home, I agreed. However, after exams, I found there are more than expected jobs that have to be done within very limited days. I realized that I got back forward on my study for spending too much time to prepare the exams.

I couldn’t cancel the Saturday party; Emma is so kind to Brian, my husband’s new English name, and me. Also, meeting English speakers is the best opportunity for us to improve our English. I made the decision that I will go tonight. I wish I can get up early on Sunday morning to study although I doubt. Isn’t it hard to get up early if you have an exciting party the last night?


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