Monday, November 03, 2008

My birthday is coming

My birthday is coming. Although I am not planning to celebrate it, I sense it by many signs.

Tree leaves turn to brilliant yellow and red color during the deep autumn. Yes, my birthday is in the midst of the colorful autumn. One friend told me that she would celebrate my birthday regardless if I have time or not. Another said she would buy a cake for me. I suggested her to give me a birthday card if she really wanted to do something on my birthday, but she answered that a birthday card was not enough.

I like birthday card and think it is good enough. Today I received a card from my friend Ting. Today is her sister’s birthday; she remembers my birthday is three days later than her sister’s. In the afternoon, she stepped by the Media Center and gave a nice birthday card to me. She is too shy to tell me when her birthday is. There is no way I give her a birthday card back.

At night, my husband brought back home the birthday gifts and card from Emi. Emi is so thoughtful that she sent my birthday gift a little bit early. She concerned that I might need time to pick up my package from my aunt’s house. She sent the gifts early to make sure that I could receive them on time. There are a pairs of sock in yellow color and a dark green cotton bag in Emi’s package. Emi always has a good insight of color. I like the gifts so much. I wish I can also send Emi something that made by myself rather than commercial goods on her birthday.

Emi said my birthday this year would be special because I have my dear husband accompanying me. It is true that my husband is very important for me. (He is the one who will pay the family expense in the future.) But I have to say that I am often strongly touched by my friends that makes me to believe that friends are essential in my life as well.

The only thing is that I will be occupied by exams in the very day of my birthday. I change my mind and am thinking that I may celebrate my birthday in this weekend. There are so many friends who care of me in the world. Even only for this reason, I should treat myself nicely and always appreciate everything I have had.


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