Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Funny Thing

As a rule, I have little contact with my classmates. I don’t like group study, which usually waste time. For me, self-study is my most efficient study method. In fact, it is not easy to find a good classmate who is smarter and more hard-working than you and is also kind and generous to offer help. Rather than spending time to figure out who is the right person, I prefer to use the time to self-help. Also, if you just sit over here and passively wait somebody talk with you, most likely the person is expecting help from you.

Last week, a classmate kindly talked with me. After exchanged a brief conversation, he asked my contact email and phone. I left him my email and also asked his. He is in his last semester of his MA. I told myself I was lucky this time that I might get help from this guy since his academic status was higher than me. This Monday, I received an email from him by asking my class notes. I got a little surprise. Because we were both in the class, if I could take good notes, no reason he couldn’t. Anyway, I emailed my notes to him; it hurt me nothing. In today’s class, according to the professor’s instruction, this guy voluntarily circulated his essay to class discuss. To my surprise again, his essay was very loose organized. He just completely has not idea about the structure of a college standard essay. Also, don’t you think it is funny that he started a three-page short essay like, “history is about the past.”

I puzzled how such a student is about to gain a history MA. Anyway, by encountering this example, I feel my writing skill is not so bad, and my self-confidence is suddenly increasing.


At 6:31 PM , Blogger Kyoko (EmiShimosato) said...

It was kind of too bad the guy is less skillful than you to learn. He must thought the same thing as you did when he met you.
But it was good for you to gain confidence on yourself! Confidence makes you stronger.


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