Monday, October 05, 2009


I got a B+ on the first paper of History 791. It is a short paper, three pages only, and weighs 15% of the final grade. When I saw the grade at the first sight, I was disappointed. I usually expect an A on my essay. However, later I realized it is merely a beginning, and B+ is not really bad. I can get improving gradually.

History 791 is a class about history research. It is really great. The professor Swenson is a nice old man. His weekly reading assignment is very helpful to assist us to get a clear idea of history research and to build up our final research paper step by step. The process is difficult for me because it is a brand new job to me. Also, writing a good research paper just means enormous jobs. It is hard for everybody. But I still do not dislike it. I know this is a hard step that I have to overcome in order to get a higher level.


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