Monday, October 05, 2009

A New Experience in My Life

I am planning to go to the Civil Court. I roughly recorded what this issue was in this letter. At this moment, I am annoyed, fear, uneasy, but also brave, urge to see if it is really my fault or if I can find out the justices.

September 25, 2009, a Friday, because my old cell phone contract (a family plan including two lines) was about to end, I went AC&JP Communications Crop. to consult how to start a new contract. The sale assistant is named Jacky. He said he could help me to cancel my old contract right now, and he suggested me a two-year contrast in T-mobile, two lines, the first four months with a monthly rate 69.99, and then the rate would drop to 59.99.

As an additional benefit of this contract, Jacky asked me to pay $550 in cash in order to get an Iphone 3G, but I would get $550 rebate after four months. When I purchased this Iphone, Jacky never told me that I could not use the functions of this Iphone fully. He told me when I connect this iphone to a computer, I should not update. But he did not explain what that implications. If I knew that meant I could only use partially of this iphone, I would hesitate to do this business.

I wanted to keep my old numbers (two lines, so two phone numbers). Jacky said I can, but I must take new SIM cards and use two temporary numbers in the following two weeks, and then the old numbers would automatically come back to the new SIM cards. He said my old numbers would be canceled in next Monday, 9/28. On the next Monday morning, 9/28, I found the old numbers that had not been cancelled. I called him. He said they would be cancelled in the evening.

But until that Wednesday, 9/30, the numbers still existed. I went the store. At this time, Jacky said the old numbers would not be cancelled, but there were only 15 numbers available to use. He told me did not use the old numbers. In this visit, I also asked two question of my iphone. This iphone’s Bluetooth could not connect to other Bluetooth. Jacky told me iphone’s Bluetooth could not transport data by design. Also, I found the battery of this iphone could only last less than ten hours. Jacky said that was normal. He suggested me to turn of Wi-fi if I didn’t use it. The second morning, 10/1, I called Apple customs service. The representative gave me a similar explanation on the two problems, I was relieved.

10/5, Monday, because I could not download music from a computer to this iphone, I asked my cousin to help me. He updated this iphone, then there was no longer phone service on this iphone. In the evening, I went the store. Jacky and other people worked in the store told me my iphone was locked, and could not get phone service anymore. They said that was my fault and they had no any responsibility on this trouble. They rejected to do nothing for me expect asking me to wait that maybe two or three week later when they get the way to unlock it, they would do that for me. But they were not sure how lone I exactly had to wait.

I called policeman around 6 pm. In the store, when the policemen were here, I pointed out that Jacky did not explain the limitation of this iphone; the fact that he hiding the truth was the main reason resulting in that I could not normally use cell service and the full function of my iphone. A man in the store respond, if you wanted full iphone function, you should go to At&T agent, but not a T-moblie store. But I really did not know this point. I assume that I should enjoy normal phone service and full iphone functions.

Right now, I am paying monthly cell phone bill, but I could not make and receive phone calls. I believe the agent should take the responsibility to solve this problem.


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