Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I have been thinking about the Iphone issue since this Monday. I called Apple, T-mobile, both of them refused to offer any help to me. I realized that this is an issue between the agent and me only. The truth is gradually being uncovered while I consulted more and more companies, institutions, and individuals.

In fact, Iphone can only use with AT&T cell phone service. T-mobile doesn’t technically support Iphone. The Chinese agent illegally set T-mobile service to Iphone, but the result is the customer can only get partial functions of an Iphone.

In my case, the agent argues that I support to know the fact. If I sign the contract, which means I automatically agree this condition. This is they said, if you want full function, you should go to AT&T, but not T-mobile store. But from my point of view, I believe they should explain this situation clearly and completely to the customer. They never mentioned one word. They failed to do that, that meant they were deliberately cheating the customer. They did tell me that don’t update, but they didn’t explain the serious consequence and I indeed didn’t understand about that either.

The critical point in the case is if it is a common knowledge that one support to know the relation between Iphone, AT&T, and T-mobile, and what is the implication of the word “update”.

I consulted this issue to the director of Student Affairs of QCC because I believe he should have more knowledge, experience and better judgment than me. His suggestion is to wait. He said going to court would cost a lot of money and time.

However, I really don’t want to surrender now. I admit that I am a weak woman, no social background, no efficient language ability, no money and no time. But, there is one important point that encourages me to go on. I believe America is a good country; even a weak person has the chance to compete with powerful men. I don’t say there is an absolute justice, but, if I am lucky, by assisting by the government institution, I may win a justice.

If the judge says that this is my fault because I failed have a common knowledge by living in this society, I accept the result and loss. But, if the judge believes that the agent has cheated the customer in purpose, I wish they get the punishment they deserved.

I have already called 311 on Monday. They took my case and promised that they would give me a response in four days. My husband asked me to wait this result. If they fail to either persuade me by proving my fault or satisfy me by taking action on the agent, going to the court is my next step.


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