Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I dropped the geology course

I am not very luck since I came back this summer. The air plane delaied almost seven hours on the Beijing airport. I had to stay in a hotel in a strange city. When I arrived home, I was notifed by the college that one of my favorite course, art hitory, Chinese printing, was cancelled without any reason. I had to chooce other clase instead of it. The well arranged time schedule was broken and the possible choice was limited. I took the Anthropology 104 late which is talking about language and is tough. After one week study, I found that since I have two lab courses, my class hours are much more that regular five courses time length. Especial for the Geology class. There are separate exams from lecture and lab time. And plus some extra quizzes, homework, I felt that I impossible hold it anymore. I understand if I drop it, I have to face the problems such as sell these books, pay the transition charge. I really don't want to deal with they, however, the big pressure of this course made me ignore those troubles and I decided to drop it immediately. I took the Chinese 350 instead. I don't have a big interesting to study Chinese modern fictions and short stories, but I chose it in order to leave time for other difficult course. I believe everybody could do something unavoidably. I recall this afternoon when I talked my concern with the professor of the Geology class, she said she could understand my serious situaion since I'm a new English user, but I have to make decision by myself after all. At last, she said, good luck. Hearing this phrase, I knew I was going to face trouble or difficult time soon. It's really a interesting phrase, good plus luck, but it indeed implies a negative situation.


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