Monday, September 04, 2006

An old classmate

Wang is an old high school classmate of mine. After somebody told me that he became very popular in the recent years, I keep paying attention on his social action. Yesterday I found a interesting happening about him. According to the news paper, many people knew that Wang and his two partners met the American president Bush in the white house a couple days ago. The topic of the talking was about religion. However, a piece of new was released late, and we found that another man who was belong the term and should go along with Wang to meet the President but be excluded. The fact was that Wang told the White House he and his the other two parnters would quit if the man was including in the meeting. He made the decision for the host that who was the welcome guess and who is not. Since the side of Wang had three people that was a obvious majority, the White House gave up and the meet went throught with Wang's hope. Everybody are asking the reason. the explanation was gaven from Wang after the meeting was the man is a polical man who would talk some unpleasant and unacceptable polical topics in the meeting, but, for Wang, the meeting should be only about religion but could not allow to mention the sensible Chinese current political issues. Someone argued that the topic of the meeting was not only for religion according to the original plan of the White House. It could be others such as human rights. I understood that the material live is important to Wang, in fact, so as everybody. He had to do someting to protect his job position, safety, and family since he would come back China and keep liveing here. He didn't want the Chinese government believes that he was a same political man as that man. He didn't want to take the risk to seat together with the man in front of the world. He might quit in silence but he absolately didn't want to lose the great chance the show himself. Base on these background, he made the odd decision and forced the man, a parnter in his term, to quit. Before this event, I always told others that I have old classmate his is very famous, but right now, I knew, he is just famous but is not as respectful as we expected.


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