Monday, September 25, 2006

I miss my kind supervisor

I feel sad that nobody comes talking with me. the kind supervisor didn't come from last Friday and this Monday. I miss her. I cannot write email and say I miss you to her. People always say somebody not true but keep their true idea in mind. My classmates seem cold. In the history class, the American students are luck than me because if they pay attention in class and take notes, they will pass exams easily. However, I spend too much time for this class, reading text books again and again, collecting information from internet, arranging the possible answers. the reason is that I lack the English ability to take a complete notes. untill now, I still worry if my prepartion doesn't cover all the class information. My cousin asked me if I can borrow class notes from somebody. I don't know whom I can ask for because I cann't see even one smill face here. I know it is true that I'm not good so others treat me bad. I don't know how to change my socialbehaivors in order to make more friends or be more popural. I always study along. Staying campus ten hours a day, I may speak a few words only. I wish talk to somebody, talking will release the blue mood. I wish I get over tomorrow.


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