Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a smilling face

I feel tired those recent days. In the morning, I talk to myself, "As soon as I return home today, I will go to bed immediatly." However, I never turn my promise to be ture. After I return home at night, I always need to read some books to prepare the next day classes, and also, some class notes must be arranged in today rather than delay to the next times.
I have spent too much time to write the summer of the Buddhism in Chinese history, the book for the first history exam, I turned to hate it.
Yestoday, in the history class, the professor announced the day and time when we will go to museum. I did write down the information, but I am not sure. I think it's important to make sure becuase even 1 hour mistake, I could miss the visiting. I asked a girl who sat beside me, but she was unhappy to reply me and her voice was loud and impolite. I felt bad of that. I knew I should not let such things to bother me, but sometimes I cann't control meself and keep feeling bad.
We meet some unpleasure people sometimes, but kind and friendly people are far excess them. My friend comes to library visit me each time I work there. My co-workers and supervioer like him too. I am glad to see his young and smilling face. I don't know what the goal of my life. I only want to enjoy every today.


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