Friday, September 15, 2006

a raining day

I really have a big stress from my college study. Sometime I believe that I already have a basic English skill, but when I try to read some texts from my history class, I can understand half of it. I don't know how to cope with the following exams. How do I write essaies in class time if I even cannot understand it. I spent two whole days to finish the reading. How can I have another extra time to reread? Time is a big problem. If I have enough time, everything could be possible. But, it couldn't be true. I always struggle with time. It's hard to get help from others. Some times friends or relatives offer helps, but I cannot really use them. I talk with my husband, but he doesn't understand how serious my situation is. He believe I can always have As. How is the As come from? Perhaps writing journals is the best way to release myself from the stress.
I feel so tired today. Becuase this is a friday, I asked one of my classmate to go to have a cup of coffee before went back home. I talked with her and felt relax, maybe alsobecuase the coffee and the sugar. I very much better at last. I gradually have had some friends in NYC which is the wonderful and very important thing for me.


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