Thursday, September 21, 2006

Writing Blog make me feel good

I have recived a letter from colleg which inform me to register CPE. I am surprised about that because I will get complete 45 credits only after this semester. Maybe nobody wants to take this exam, so colleges always ask students taking it as soon as possible. Since I got the formal information and the situation is very clear, I registered it immediatley without hesitation. The time is three weeks late. I downloaded the reading materials, studied with to e-tutoring, and emailed my friend who is going to take CPE this semester also. I always wish to meet her and talk with her a while but since meeting in last semester classroom, we don't have chance to meet yet. I believe this is a good chance that we meet together and discuss CPE. I don't like that I always stay with somebody, in fact, I prefer staying alone. However, sometimes I wish to talke with friends. Talking with somebody can make me feel relax. I have to go back to study, also, I must emphasize that writing blog is one of the best ways to make me feel good. Bye, pink tear.


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