Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A cake from Email.

This morning I saw Emma. Her smiling was so sweet. When her had chance to go to Media Center, she asked me how is my study. I told her I felt big stress and tired. She promissed that she would send a cake to me from Email. I will eat it.
I know I have to better arrange my time and live. studying hard is not always mean best result. I need slow down. Try my best but don't be rush. This is nothing so important that worth me to rush. I only want to enjoy my life if studying is my way to enjoy life.
I talk with my husband on the phone everyday. He is not the same sort of person with me, but he can understand me very well. Sometimes, I am amazed about that. His words are just what I want to hear. How can he admire me so much. I am a meaningless exist in the world or others, but I feel I am a princess in my husband's eyes.


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