Wednesday, October 04, 2006

food and holiday

This week is a long holiday in China, it is Chinese independence day. This Friday is another traditional Chinese holiday, Middle Autume holiday. Chinese believe the middle autume has a brightest moon in sky while in all the year. In America, few people care about that. It's true that ancient Chinese were very sensitive. they loved a feeling like poem. People changed in monden time, most of my comterpoarary crazy about Western culture, or just don't like anything. Unlike them, I love those holidays which comes from thousands years ago. Each holiday connects its own specific food. those food indicate it is this holiday but not other. When I think about the Duan Wu holiday in the spring and the Middle Autume holiday in the fall, I get different pictures of food in dinner table in my mind. In my opinion, sometimes, food can represent our life well. People always complain that they cannot find food as good as they ate when they were young. I disagree with it becuase we have much more kinds of food today. We miss old food only becuase we miss our old families and friends. they have shared our happiness alot.


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