Thursday, October 05, 2006

One third of the history exams passed.

I got 84 in the first text of Anthropogy 104. There are 25 questions and I missed 4 of them. I cousin told me before that multiple-choise questions are more difficult than essay questions. Now, I believe that he is right. For essay questions, students show their ability and understanding of class from writing, even though they make mistakes, professors will see what they already know. In contrast, machines give grades to students in multiple-choise tests without any flexible factors.
I also did not do a good job in the history test today. It's impossible to guess all the questions. If I don't perpare many time before exams, I cannot organize and write well in a very limited time. If I'm luck I can have around 80 pionts, unless the prionts may fall down to 60 or lower.
All the results don't show any relationship with if I work hard or not, that only means how much my English ability needs to improve.
In my English class, we post students' essaies on blackboard and make comments to each other. It is fun to read same topic asseies and get feedback from others. Of couse I enjoy those words that somebody praise me in spite of the fact that nobody will tell true to others. I am clear know who am I and how my English is.


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