Monday, October 16, 2006

Finished CPE

I finished CPE on last Saturday. I have little trouble about that, but college and other students make too serious attitude toward it that makes it like a disease. One of my classmates said she would read the long essay ten times. In addition, she said if she couldn't pass CPE this semester, she would take only two courses next semester in order to concentrate on CPE.
I will have quiz in my Chinese course tomorrow. The siuation is complex. We will have 3 quizzes and a final exam for this course. The final exam is most important and it has 55 percent weight from total grade. All 3 quizzes are together have 10 or 15 percent weight. So, one quiz is only have 3 or 5 percent from final grade. It is difficult to fiuger out how much time I should put on it. I certainly do not want to put too much time for the very small weight becuase I have much other work need to do. However, if spending a little time, I worry there is still alot material need to go over.
I miss my friend Gino; he seem disappeared suddenly. He said he started to drive to school; I worry something happened to him. I wish everything OK with him. Perhaps I need wirte a email to him to find out how is him.
Life is busy and boring. My relatives seems care me little, and I also have no interest to talk with them anything happened with me. I call my husband everyday. I can feel he is care about me from his heart and soul. Even though we are separated in a huge distance in the real world, he is the one who most close live with me. I tell anything happened around my live including any extreme tiny things. I tell him who makes my unhappy, what exams I have finished. He knews all the details of my live.
I have to study for my Chinese quiz right now. Talk with you next time, dear pink tear.


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