Thursday, October 12, 2006

readying for CPE

I made a mistake. In the fist test of my Anthropology class, there are 25 questions plus 2 extra questions. The full points is 108, but I only got 84. In our class, there are over 30 students had A. I feel sad for that. I got a excellent record on last semester and I am keeping study hard. I wish I can keep a best result, but I understand how difficult it is. the record of last semester was not equal to my real ability. Perhaps this is the time I come bake to the real world from a fancy dream.
I am going to take CPE this Saturday. I wish I can get the full credits from the task 2. Yesterday I sent my practice of the task 2 to E-tutor of CPE, today I received the reply from them. They said I might get 4 points from my answer. I disappointed from the result; however, I still learnd something from this practice. I think I need do the task 2 slowly. Understanding the text and question clearly and then make answers. Even I write more statements, if making many errors. those answers are still usuless. I appreciate that I gain such experience from the practice. I certainly don't worry too much about CPE. The full scores is 72, and the passing scores is 34. The passing percentage is less 50%. It's really not a tough text. We just need careful to do anything, peacefully accept result regareless that are good or bad. I never regret for myself because I already do my best.


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