Monday, October 30, 2006

Had a good weekend

I had a good weekend last week. I slept more than ten hours at night. When I wark up on the Sunday monring, I called Jerry and asked if she wanted to go out to eat. She answered yes excitedly.
If you go to restaurant for the only goal to eat, but not for meet friends or customs or any other reasons, it will become a kind of happiness. You don't need care about how other see you behaviors. If you love meat, you can eat as much as you want. I rerally can eat like this way.I enjoy that. Jerry is a close friend of mine. We always stay together for eating, watching moives, or shopping. Spending money is happy experience for us. I never talk about reading or do some serious jobs with her. Essentially, she is a different sort of person from me. I can be friend with her because she has an outstanding attitude toward money. Most people who live around me care about money too much. I dislike that. Jerry has a low-pay job and the job is tough, but she use money for her present live rather than save in bank.
I am going to take a mid-term exam of Anthropolgy course on this Wednesday. Some reading of this class is very difficult to understand for me. I chose some of them to read again. However, I cannot have too much extra time to do that. I have started to prepare the history exam since last week. I had a dream a few days ago. In the dream, I found I got 52 points in the history exam. In my English class, I still feel confuse on the reseach pepar. This semester, I really get big pressure. I wonder how is my future should be.


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