Monday, November 06, 2006


Yesterday I went to QQ at middle night. It was Sunday night, I knew I needed to go to bed, but I got a feeling that I couldn't fall in sleep as usual this night. I 'd like to meet my old friends in 116. As expected, I have met almost all my friends who are in my QQ list. I feel so happy about that. I chatted with Jin one and half hours. He has a very attactive personality. I like to talk with him. His smile and voice are attractive as well. He was just broken with his girlfriend. He said, "It is interesting. I cannot feel little pain for losing her. She said good-bye to me first, but I have to comfort her with some words at that moment. " He is a strong man, I believe.
I know someone is luck in way to find a husband or wife, but for somebody, it is probably extremely difficult. so as him. Several of my female friends have this problem either. They have the willing to find lovers and are not fool or ugly at all, but why they have to stop in the single condition so many years?
There is nothing special today. Working in the morning, taking a break on noon, I also have a computer class and an anthropolgy class at afternoon. It's not a bad schedule today. Since I did bad on the two exams on my Anthropolgy class, I feel I have turned to dislike this course. I really don't what is the best why to deal with it. However, I understand I shouldn't have that against emotion toward it. For my own benefit, I need to control myself and find out a better solution.


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