Friday, November 03, 2006

One B and two B-s

I have received a B- on my Anthropolgy 104 mid-term exam; I am so disappointed by that. When I had the first bad grade, I thought I would study even hard to get a better garde next. I certainlly spent much time to do that, but the fact is I got a even worse grade on mid-term exam. My English ability limits me to completely understand all the class material. I cannot image how it will be on the final. However, I have to confort myself like this way. B is OK. After all, it is not a C, and F also be given to somebody sometimes. I see a good future from my As, but perhaps I can never have a bright future anymore and the second chance is not a real thing.
I finally made a decision taht I won't take the winter course. I don't want pay six or seven hundred dollar for one course. I would like spoil myself, reading Chinese novels, writing journal.


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