Saturday, November 25, 2006

a event of the fianl paper.

I feel extremely bad today. I asked my cousin to correct my final paper. He has a master degree and used to be tutor for others. Now, he is waiting a job that will start at this December and free at home. I don't mean that he is my relative and he is free so he should help me. But he may help me, don't he? As other people's relatives and friends do. I don't often ask him to do anything; in fact, I only ask his help one time, for this paper, in the half year. This afternoon, while he read my paper, he started to say I am too lazy and pushed my own job to him and so on. His words were so severe and I just couldn't bear and started to cry. I can't deny I'm a weak person, especial at that moment. However, I don't know how to make myself become strong in this point. When my cousin first found I cried, he felt sorry and began to comfort me with soft words. At night, we kept talking about my paper. he, again, blamed me seriously, I cried again. This time he got mad. Maybe he thought I used that attitude to agaist him while he was helping me. I am really not, but I just could not bear in that situation. He said, "You just don't want to learn anything from me." and left.
I ran to my room and called my husband. My husband never never acts as he did today. When he heard what happened, he said, "you guys always argue. This is a tiny thing. You will forget tomorrow." But I won't forget tomorrow. I will remember forever.
I don't know how to face my cousin tomorrow. I wish I can leave his home. (I live with his mother and him in their family.) I looking forward one day when I have enough income, I will live alone and won't see anyone whom I hate.


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