Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I basically finished my research paper.

The final history exam will take place at Dec, 12th. In the the same day, I will take another exam that is from my computer calss, Access. There is only a ten minute break between them. The final exam of Anthroplogy will be Dec, 18. I wish I have enough time to prepare them.
Since tomorrow, there are four days off for Thanksgiving, but I can only stay at home and study. My anut may cook some good food on Thankgiving day, but we won't have any further celebration. I am looking forward to the winter holiday.
I basically finished my research paper for my English class. It is certainly a difficult experience for me. I jsut couldn't write because this is a research paper but I have done little research. It is not because I am lazy, but I realy don't have time to do much outside readings. While I was writing, I told myself, "keep writing, whatever you write but just write down." If I worry about the quality, I cannot even finish one page of it. Yesterday, we had a peer review about the paper in the class. One of my classmate carefully corrected my grammar throughout all the seven pages long paper. Although the goal of the peer review is focusing on organizaion and context rather than the spelling or grammar mistakes, I still appreciate what she did for me. I feel warm and happy about those kind people around me.


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