Monday, November 13, 2006

full of smile in eyes

Emi, I know nobody is going to read my blog except you. Becuase you read it, I think I should not write something too bad. Becuase you are here, I do not write my blog for myself but also for you. However, sometimes when I am disappionted by something happened, I really wish to speak out.
People treat others good becuase they have to. If they get chance, they will treat someone as cold as they can. If they won't have any interaction with them in the future, or they cannot get any advantage from someone, why do they treat they nice. They surely believe others will stay in a lower level from themselves forever. Equal never exists in the world in spite powerless people always dream about it.
My English teach often askes us to read articles in class. In the begining, each student read one paragraph. After one or two times, she figured out foreign students cannot read it correctly. Then, she only askes American students read. Once, there was a very long article, after all the American students got a turn of reading, there still need someone more to finish it. none of foreign students read, and some of American students got second chance to read it in ordert to finish it. I hate reading becuase I indeed have a very bad pronouncation. However, in the very siuation, I preferd to try. Any way, other Chinese students' pronouncation is much better than me. However, in that time, all of us seem turned into an isolating group and kept in silence. When I glance at those talking American students, I wondered if I saw smile fulling with their eyes.
I asked my hushand how did he think about that. Did the teacher do a thoughtful action to take care of us or is it just prejudice? My husband said, he thought she is probably prejudice. The answer is surprised me because I usual assume others wores than they certainly are, my hushand always assume others better than they are. But this time...
Anyway, when I speak out these unhappy encounters, I feel much better right now. A friend told me, "Life has to go on!" Perhaps there is only one thing is fair, when you are in happiness, the time should not stop; when you are misfortunate, time will keep go on, all of them will disappeared. This is a wonderful explanation that really makes me feel good while I am in a bad time.


At 10:07 AM , Blogger Emi_Shimosato said...

Hi Tea,
How do you know nobody read your blog? I think I am not an only person who read your blog. Most of the time, people just read it and just they don't leave any comment. This is your dairy, so please write as you desire. You don't have to think that you shouldn't write something too bad.
Teacher's quality is very important for us. Depends on the teacher, we may have to waste our time. As you noticed, the English teacher just wants to achieve her job. She doesn't think about what students are in the class for. She is not a good teacher obviously.
I have met many people who don't understand what I say even when I just said "eleven yards". Other people do understand me, but only the lady didn't understand what I said. It's because as your husband told you, "prejudice". I started to think we -- the people who learn Englsh -- have to be very flexibe to be treated by people.


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