Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The research paper of English 110

I have to finish the research paper within this week. Next Tuesday will be the day of peer advise of it. If I don't finish before the day, how can I do the peer advise. I don't have time to do the necessary research and reading even though I have to. I cannot read English fast nor understand it very well. Sometimes, the siuation forces you to make a poor decision. My classmate, Susan, is so wonderful. She has finished those Englsih writing intensive courses as English 120,140,150, and all got good grades as As and Bs. I wish I can do that but I certainly don't have a confidence about that.
My English class is so boring. I was so unhappy before going to the class yesterday monring. I told myself, I had to think some good things in my life to cheer me up. I searched in my head hardly. Finally, when I thought I would meet Susan in that afternoon, I got a feeling of sweet and warm. I turned feeling better. I really like Susan. She is a truly noble lady whom much nicer than me. I am dark in my heart, but she is pure, bright. You can never expect that she will do some bad. My teacher and classmates like her also. I am happy about they like her.
My husband sent a picture to me. This is a picture of myself, but this is the best image of me in my life. I rarely get good effective pictures. Both my husband an I used it as the background of our computers. I don't know when we will change it, but I enjoy it right now.


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