Sunday, November 26, 2006

I rather write blog by myself

An even worse thing happened after I cried two time one day. My old computer was broken. I consulted to a computer gengineer, he said for the siuation of my computer, there is nothing to do excepte reinstall the system. That means all my documents lost. The fainl exams are approaching, but I lost all my files. Althoug I have sent some of them to my email and printed out a part of them, I still have to spead time to redo the rest of them. I feel so bad for the terrible. I feel so helpless, at that moment, I miss my husband so much. I need him. However, I have to solve my problems by myself, have to face my cousin, my homework, and these final exams.
I called one of my friends this morning and wanted to get comfort from him. He talked about his problem half hours before he asked me how is my live. I lost the interest to tell him the truth of my life. Everyone is busy and has his own problems, who will really care about you?
I cannot call my mother either. I should only tell her what good things happen around my life. I think about my friends, but none encourages me to talk. I rather write blog by myself.


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