Monday, December 18, 2006

Passed CPE

I finished the exam of Anthropogy this afternoon. I feel it is ok, but I cannot figure out how the fianl grade would be. I got a B+ on my history course. It's not a surprise although I don't satisfy about that. Anyway, it is not too bad.
I passed CPE also, the score is 45. The full score is 72, and the pass score is 34. So, it is also not bad. Because I have confidence that I can pass, I am not too excited by the result.
I met Xiyong this afternoon. We talked about how to spend this winter. He said he definitely will work. He has the experience working in restaurants. For him, finding a job in restaurants is not difficult at all. The average salary is around $2400. He encouraged me to work in a restaurant also, but I am hesitant. I know for many people, money is the most certain thing that they can have.
But I'd like to slow down and enjoy life if I have more than minimum money to survival. Probably I'm too lazy.


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