Sunday, December 10, 2006

I plan to cook a fish tonight

I decided to buy a fish and cook tonight. I encourage myself to do additional things to make my aunt happy. I imagine what my father would do if he were in my position. If I was in a displeasure situation, that only means I am poor with the capability to handle difficult situation. I could not complain in any way, but do something to improve it. I always want to scape when bad thing happen, this time I cannot scape but only brave face it. Anyway, my aunt is not a evil person at all. I guess she is only unhappy the tense relationship between my cousin and me. Probably she wishs I make a concession to my cousin, for the reason that he isyounger that me, She has helped me lots. It's not fair that ask me accept those for those reasons. I don't want accept those ugly fact, I wish others treat me fair because I don't want treat other bad. If I often get unfair treatment, I cannot keep to be a good person anymore. I am looking forward to any good things happen to cheer me up.


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