Thursday, December 14, 2006

The exam of history class is over

I finished the final exam of my history class. I didn't do it well becuase some questions were unexpected. I have some ideas about Chinese history, but many of them are different from my professor's view. For example, about Yuan and Ming dynasties, I believe all the Chinese agree that Ming was much important and successful dynasty in Chinese history than Yuan. In contrast, most foreighers have a lot of acknowledge about Yuan but know little about Ming. We had eight classes in this section to talk about Yuan and Ming dynasties. My professor used six times to talk about Yuan. In the exam, he asked about Dalai Lama, Chencheng. I don't know how is the connection between Yuan and Ming and those figures. I lost hope about this course. If I can get a B in this course, I will feel happy.
I am preparing the final exam of Anthropology now. The exam will take place on next Monday. I got an experiece of this class from the pervious exams. I felt I understood those materials, but I could get all the correct answers during exams. Probably I cannot really understand it becuase my English ability. About the language problem, I can only sigh. Some courses I clearly know what points I need to spend time on, but for this one, I feel I don't know how to study.
Yesterday I watched a movie on my new SONY computer. This is my first time useing it to watch a movie. Becuase everybody said SONY computer is good at entertainment, so I want to try how is the effective. I rarely watch movie. When I was young, my family and teachers didn't allow me to watch many moives and implied me that watching TV or movie is a way to waste time; a good man should spend time on studying or reading books. You see, this is how different from the America culture. In America, everybody loves movie. I will cultivate myself increasing the interest of moive. I like history, but I also have an interest to know how is the lives of my contemporaries.


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