Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Celebrating a friend's birthday!

Susan’s birthday is same and different from mine. Hers is on January 16th, and mine is on November 6th. Both of them can be represented as 116. Today we have celebrated her birthday with four friends in a vegetarian restaurant. Susan is a Buddhist; in some days she eats vegetable only following by the Buddhist rules.

Joseph and I met at 11 am, one hour before we would meet Susan and another friend. During the time, we bought a cake and a bouquet of flower. I paid for the cake because Joseph said he would pay for flowers. We went a flower store on the Main Street after we got the cake. Joseph wanted a bouquet flower for Susan that should not be common. We picked out one that contains some lilies, roses, and five or six sorts of other flowers which I couldn’t name them. The color of the bouquet is rich such as red, pink, white, blue, and purple. The price is $28, a relative high price. Usually, the boss will give customers a discount in order to satisfy them. But when she saw a man and a woman go together, as us today, she understood it was an excellent chance to make an excess profit and firmly refused to cut down on the price although the fact was not as she assumed. At last, Joseph said it was worth paying such money for a lovely lady as Susan.

When we meet together at 12 o’clock, Susan was surprised that I bought a cake for her. She knew Joseph would buy flowers to her; they discussed it before. Susan introduced her friend to us. She is Susan’s tutor and a Queens College student as well. When I looked at her face, I thought I have seen her wherever. She recognized me also. We figured out that we must meet at the college Media Center; when I worked here, she came for borrowing laptop computer sometime. It’s nice to discover that, and we felt much more comfortable to stay together.

One of the dishes we ordered was called Sesame Chicken. They are not real chicken but made by beans. The “chicken” was crisp and sweat, attaching on many sesame seeds. Their color was dark red. Food with such a color stimulates me having an appetite. After we have finished the meal, we ate the cake as dessert. We put candles on the cake, singing happy birthday song to Susan. People next table seeing the cake slapped their hands and sang the song along with us. We asked Susan made a wish before she blew off those candles. I asked Susan if her wish was having a baby this year. She tutor interrupted me, saying to Susan, “Don’t tell her your wish before it comes true.” I asked Joseph gave Susan a birthday kiss, but he hesitated to do that. He responded to my suggestion as “It should be a rights and pleasure gives her a kiss on my birthday.” Susan’s face will turn red whenever she eats some spicy foods or drinks some hot drinks. At that time, she is so beautiful. Today, we saw her lovely pink face again.

We have taken some pictures during the lunch by my camera. Today night, I have sent those pictures to them. I wish them enjoying those pictures and have a wonderful day.


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