Saturday, January 20, 2007

Help my husband studying English

My husband quitted his job half year ago for concentrate on English studying. His pervious job is as a salesperson. It’s not a tough job on physical level, but it indeed contains large pressure. My husband told me, before signing a construct, one must check it very carefully and avoid any mistake. Sometimes, a tiny mistake on paper may cause huge damage when it worked later. He had to deal with all kinds of people, including bosses, managers, collogues, and customers, regardless they were nice or tough. From my personality, if I dislike anyone, I would not feel like to talk with him or her. I guess it’s impossible for me to be a good salesperson.

However, as talking about studies, I have more experience that my husband. I have required him writing five sentences everyday as practice, I said I would help to correct them, but he couldn’t keep doing it. I asked him to take some tests in order to push himself study hard, but he refused to do that, either. He fears to make mistakes or loses his face. I understand his concern, though I certainly don’t agree with it. He often claims that he has studied a whole day, but nobody knows how the result is. Probably, the only result is the face that he has put his face in front of an English book a couple of hours. I made such critical guess because after him studying English half year as a full time student, when I asked him write simple sentences, he answered he couldn’t.

I have provided another suggestion to him. It’s making a monthly schedule and writing down what he does everyday. Because you have to write something to fill the blank, you may be forced to do more work. When he heard my proposal, he said, “Woo, it’s not easy!” I explained to him, “You don’t do excess work, but just write down what you do, leave a record. You can keep the records and after a year, you will find out your effort and improvement.” Finally, he agreed with me and said he’d like to try.

I wish I can see the real improvement of his study rather than listening to his explanation or excuse.


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