Friday, January 19, 2007

Wandering to the most remote place in the world

I got my hair done yesterday. I got the idea to do it from a couple of months ago. A friend got her hair dressed after she gave birth and introduced me a hairdresser whom she was satisfied. Because I was busy during last semester, I decided to do it in the winter. Another reason stimulating me to do it at yesterday was one of my classmates invited me coming to her house for a party. I thought why not I got my hair done before going to a party if I needed to it anyway. It cost me six hours to do that, but my hair looks very straight now. They said my hair can keep such effective within one year until the new hair grew up.

I like my new hair style but the party disappointing me. The friend told me it was a family party but it was indeed a meeting for business. After we had a simple dinner, we were arranged to listen to one and half hours lectures about selling some produces. I have been hearing such thing many years and have refused to join it always. I felt bad that I finally sat here and had to listen to something out of logic. I don’t mind to do anything new in order to earn more experience but, in this case, they tell us something ridiculous as if all of the audiences are foolish. For instance, they claimed that one can earn $3600 per week even though he or she has no education background or poor communicate skill.

When I discussed this with Joseph, he felt bad for my experience and said, “I only believe a doctor can earn such money due to many years education.” I hold same opinion with him. Again, they adopt the statement “Everybody wants money” to tempt people. I really want to tell them that I rather want a successful career or a happy life than be rich. Joseph is only 19 years old. “Random” and “Wander” are two words that he loves the most. I think that represent his personality and age well. Under his influence, I have discovered that I love the word wander also. Wandering to the most remote place in the world could be a wonderful dream for every young people.

Today I met Joseph at the ESL center in Flushing at 1 o’clock. While we were staying here and waiting our friend Candy, some students came to talk with Joseph. For some new immigrants, it’s not easy to find a chance to talk with a native speaker. Some of they pay English speakers for practice speaking. After Candy came, I asked candy what she liked to study today. She answered that conversation was a way to study. I had to agree with her. In fact, we certainly had fun within our conversation.


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