Sunday, January 28, 2007

The last day of the winter break

Today is the last day of this winter break. I went to Flushing to buy two notebooks. In a Korean store, there are many very beautiful notebooks and folders. I love them for their colorful covers, flower partners on inside papers, and the high quality of papers. However, I rarely buy such kind of items due to the high price. Anyway, plain notebooks may better for class use because a fancy notebook probably causes a student who doesn’t concentrate on the content but the forms. The notebooks I bought today were two dollars each. The covers are simple white-and-black partner.

I got a little bit nervous for the new semester. I have registered two history courses, two anthropologies courses, a Chinese course, and a library science. I dropped the writing intensive course a few days ago because I felt I really couldn’t stand it. I got an extreme pressure from it even the course didn’t start yet. I thought the problem over and over many days during the winter. After I dropped it and took an anthropology course instead, I was completely relieved. Beyond this semester, I need to stay in college four or five more semesters for graduation; thus, there is no problem that finishes the total three writing intensive courses requirement later.

I’d like to do English writing as much as possible. However, I have to consider my ability, time, and other real existing factors. The history and anthropology courses require a lot of reading, which means I cannot put much time on the writing intensive course only. For anther reason, I don’t have relatives and close friends checking my English papers. Although the college offers writing tutors to students, the appointment time is limited as one week one hour, and I cannot obtain enough help from here.

I speak with my father on phone every week in Chinese; ironically, the question he most concern is how my English is. My father’s knowledge of English is limited to the 26 alphabets; my mother’s is less than him. I feel my parent know nothing but require me always. I wish they can understand learning languages is how difficult for me.


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