Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Think about the writing intensive course

There are a few days leaving for the winter break. Some students go back to school to conduct Financial Aid office, buy textbooks, or do other things. The campus gradually gets noisy. While the new semester is approaching, my anxious is increasing as well. Last semester I successfully finished English 110; thus, I have to take an advanced English writing intensive course this semester. For this course, I have changed my mind several times. The reason is none of an English writing course is easy for me. In addition, if I expect a decent grade from it, the situation turns even more difficult.

At first, I took the Eastern Religions course, but when I acknowledged the professor always gives tough grades, I dropped it. Then, I took the American Study 101 as a writing intensive course. However, after I found out that this course is going to study American literature, I was worried if I could handle it well. I have been very hesitating about this course after I registered it. Today, I finally made a decision and dropped it. Instead of taking it, I have registered the Comparative Literature 102. I knew it is not easy at all. However, unlike the American Study 101, which is only a writing intensive course, this one fulfills two college requirements such as a writing intensive course and one of Liberal Arts & Sciences Area Requirements. Since I never can avoid a difficult course, why don’t I take the Comparative Literature course? I don’t know what will happen in the semester, as a beginning of every semester. I can only wish having a little more good luck.


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