Saturday, December 09, 2006

Help from friends

Joseph is a my friend's friend. One day I met him on MSN, he told me if I need somebody to check my English paper, he can help me. I asked why he wants to do that. He replyed that he doesn't want to see people suffering. My cousin gave me a really hard time those days, but I heard a stranger said that words. In fact, I like family more than friends, When I have problem, I always think about family members. But I am no longer want to ask any help from my cousin. For the English final paper, I have asked my cousin, my writing tutor, my reading tutor. Yesterday I went to see my reading tutor for the last past of my paper, she was not here. I cannot hand in my paper without grammar check. I exhaustively search in my mind for any one I know who are nature English speaker and he or she is possible to offer help. For me, it is an impossbile thing to eliminate grammar mistakes in a seven page paper regradless how much time I take, but for a nature English speaker, it is a twenty minutes easy task to do a basic cheak. I just don't understand what is worth my cousin gave me the hard time.
My choice is very limited. Final, I asked Joseph. He saied he could help me in person in this Saturday. After he corrected my paper this afternoon, this paper is done and I don't need to worry it anymore.


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