Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Very difficult to make the decision

I changed two courses after the semester started. An extra fee should be charged, but I was forced to make such a poor decision. Today was the first day of the European history course. In the class, the professor told us that she would require two exams, two 8-10 pages papers, weekly essays of this course. She announced if you want to drop, go ahead. The reason probably is because in those previous semesters many students dropped after the first class. I dropped it tonight and added a LCD course, introduce of language.

Yesterday I dropped the Chinese course and changed to the Oriental Study course. The Oriental Study course is about East religions.

I didn’t well design my courses this semester; in fact, I made them mess. I wonder if I can survive finally. Although I may discuss my situation with my husband and close friends, the final decision has to be made by myself. During the lately days, I have been suffering by it a lot. I wish all my courses go well since tomorrow.


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