Saturday, March 24, 2007

Around by spring sky, breeze, birds sing, and pink peach blossoms

I am keeping revising the fourth paper, compare Mencius and Xunzi, for the Oriental Study course. It’s a really bitter task. Especially tonight, I spent half hour for compose several sentences; spent several hours for finish a paragraph. Moreover, I have to worry about the very limited time. I have other four courses need to deal with, and none of them are easy. Right now, I deeply understand all the college courses are not easy.

April 5th is a traditional Chinese holiday for offering a sacrifice in front of the ancestors’ graves. According to the customs, a few days before this day, the oldest person in a family brings all the family members to sweep their ancestors’ tombs. However, it’s usually not a miserable moment. The time is during the early spring; many flowers are blooming. It is really a good chance to leave the cities and go to countryside to see, smell, and touch the spring.

My mother’s mother died a year ago, but my father’s mother died eighteen years ago. My mother’s father died six years ago. My dearest father’s father, until this April 30th, he passed away eleven years. I never forget the date and always miss him in my mind. I miss all grandparents. I dreamed them a few days ago. I wish I can settle in the dream and not return to the reality. The reality of mine is full of tests and pressure; I am unable to enjoy it very much. When I think about the day of the end of my life, there is not completely sadness. Some sweet taste is mixed into my emotion because I am yearning for seeing my grandparents again.

This weekend, my husband and my parents went back to my hometown to sweep my four grandparents’ tombs. I doubted how long they stood before the tombs. When I called my husband, he was playing Chinese chess with somebody in the park. Many my father’s friends were here. They were speaking, laughing, and enjoying the nice spring day.

It’s a strange feeling that I am in a foreign country, but my husband is in my hometown, staying with my relatives and friends. There is not his hometown. He knows nobody except all my side relatives and my parents’ friends here. However, all of the people treat my husband very nice. I think probably they like me, so they treat him nice. While they were relaxed, around by spring sky, breeze, birds sing, and pink peach blossoms, I was writing a paper about the very old East Asian religion; I was alone in my small room in the midnight. It’s certainly a contrast.


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