Thursday, March 22, 2007

I got an A+ on the midterm exams of Lingutistic 101

I got 98 points on the mid-term exam of the linguistic 101 course. This score was neither cheers me up nor disappointed me. I felt I understood all the stuff that the professor talked in the class. I carefully prepared all the possible points before the exam, and I expected a full score. Anyway, it’s not bad.

However, the second half of this course turns difficult. The topic will focus on phonetics and phonology. This is the weakest part of my English. Nevertheless, through learning the knowledge of phonetics, I expect my English speaking skill can be improving.

I got an A on the first paper of my Japanese history course. I put it on my table several days but don’t want to put it into a fold. Every morning when I take a look at it, I seem to get some energy to support me going on with my study. I believe if this paper is graded by the professor who teaches my Oriental Study, doubtless, a B- or C+ will be given on the same paper. This is the reason that I always lack of confidence of these good grades I have gained. I rather like to believe that is just because I am so lucky to meet some nice professors.


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