Thursday, March 08, 2007

A good writer always spends many hours for a paper

My husband doesn’t write his own blog, but he is crazy about to introduce my blog to his friends. Since I always talk about my study in my blog, his friends believe that I am a model of a good student. I don’t really like to be a model in positive. Being a good person is so boring. Since from a philosophical view, there is no a certain standard to measure what is good or what is wrong; thus, being a good one is equal as being an evil one. Despite understanding this universal principle, I still dare not to do too many evil things. I am afraid that the same weight of punishment will come back within this life. Otherwise, I will do something as evil as I could. For example, kill the person who lent my pencil but didn’t return when we were the classmates in the elementary school.

When I was working the library this morning, I told one of my co-workers, Mary, that yesterday I spent around seven hours to write a three-page page. I asked her how long she usually spends. Mary is a native speaker, and she has had her first master degree and on her way to gain the second one. She said seven hours was in an average level. She usually spends many hours for a paper as well. She told me, “A good writer always keeps revising over and over.” Since Joseph told me that he used less two hours to finish a three-page paper, I have felt so bad for myself. However, when I heard what Mary said today, I feel much better now. When I told Mary someone can finish a several page paper within two hours. She replied, “I can do it also if only for free writing. You expect quality, but not quantity, don’t you?” I think her opinion is reasonable.

I have a very few American friends, actually, only Joseph. Always he releases some idea about how American is to me. I think I may need to expand my friend circle and make some knowledgeable friends in college. If I do that, I will learn more helpful experience from them.

I am always too passively to make new friends. Also, the very busy college studying schedule is another important reason that limits me making new friends. I knew I am a selfish person. If I make some friends, but they always need me spending time to stay with them or offer help, I really hesitate to do that. I don’t mind to help other; in fact, everybody likes to help other that is a good chance to show you are a valuable person. However, I just cannot stand to waste time for useless issues.


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