Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Preparing for the exam of Asian religion

I finished the middle term exam of the Japanese history. Since one week before the exam, the professor finally gave the review list to us, I have prepared all the possible questions. When I went to the exam, I just sat down and wrote all the materials what I knew. I am unable to figure out my grade because it is really depends on the professor’s standard.

During the exam, I saw somebody cheating. One deliberately dropped a paper, and the other next to him picked it up. When I was in China, I knew that almost all the students cheated on exams. Probably, cheating is a universal phenomenon; it happens wherever and whenever in the human society. However, I don’t like cheating. The reason is not because I am good, but only because I am weak. I am not brave enough to do that. So, if the school strictly forbids everyone to do that, I will feel much better.

I am luck living a society where are some laws to claim that everybody is equal. Then, the strong one could not attract the weak one for no reason or for some reasons even if they have the abilities.

Tonight and tomorrow I am going to study the Asian Religion middle exam. The exam will take place on Thursday afternoon. I have calculated that I am going to have around ten hours to study for it. The content of the exam is about Chinese earliest dynasty, Shang. The Shang kings believe that they can contact with heaven and their ancestors; thus, they do the divination all days. Also the exam will include three large Chinese philosophy schools such as Confucianism, Daoism, and Mozi. All of them were developed during the Warring States period (475 BC-221BC). That period, as it name, is chaos in the society; people’s lives are extremely uncertain. In spite of that, it is a golden age of Chinese philosophy.

I have a huge interest about the philosophies in this period. I will discuss them later.


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