Sunday, March 11, 2007

The exam of the Japanese history is on tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to take the Japanese history exam. I have arranged all the possible answers. The job I have to do right now is to memorize some terms and some chief figures’ names and spelling.

Japanese history is very interesting. The clue of it is no too complicate. The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, is the chief deity of Shinto. She is considered the ancestess of the Japanese royal family. In the 2nd century AD, according to Chinese history records, the empress Pimitois was ruling Japan. She is probably a shaman, because she has many mysterious charactistics. Few people see her. Her brother is her political advisor and communicator. For this reason, somebody doubts the Sun Goddess Amaterasu and she is one.

For me, the most exicting period is Heian, same time period with Chinese Tang dynasty. Influenced by Tang, Heian becomes the golden age of literature and art in Japan. The Tale of Genji is so famous and beautiful. It’s pity that I don’t have enough time to read it slowly. I am sure I will reread it when one day my step can slow down. It is a priceless treasure for everybody in the world free to access. The only difficult is you have to have the desire.

Fujuwara is the powerful family that dominated Japan during Heian period more than three hundred years. The founder is Nakatomi. They make intermarriages with imperial family. During this period, many Japanese emperors have Fujuwara mothers or wives. However, in the middle of the 11th century, they failed to control emperor Go-Sanjo. After that, the family is gradually declined.

The first Shogun in Japanese history is Minamoto. He creates a period that called Kamakura. Shogunnate system keeps working until 1868.


Wooo, two much stuffs need to memorize. In spite of that, I still love studying. This is the prime time of my life. I wish time could stop at this moment. At least, don’t go too fast.


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