Monday, March 26, 2007

Everyone has to face the loss

I only got 69 on my Anthropology midterm exam, but I am not too depressed now. It is not because this score is tolerable. In fact, it is a disaster that ruins my dream and future. My GPA will drop several points due to this course. How can I plan the master degree if I have a low academic record? However, through those several days, I was overcome by the terrible result. I was too sad and then want to change. I forced myself to accept the fact. Do something rational. I am not going to die tomorrow; the earth is going to run tomorrow as well. So, I have to cheer up, forgetting any miserable past and try the best to do anything benefit the future.

I got 98 on the linguistic course, A- on the history course, A on the history paper. However, all of them cannot provide me a good mood, I feel bad for the one bad grade.

Same as somebody’s attitude toward life, they have gotten many things, but if one thing they are not satisfied, they feel all the world is meaningless.

How foolish human being is!


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