Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Saying good luck to myself

I have an interview of the U.S. Citizenship tomorrow. I am not worry it too much though it is certainly a big issue in my life. The reason is that I believe my English level is enough to cope with it. However, I am still excited. After all, I am expecting the day for a long long time. Tonight, while I was eating dinner with my aunt, she didn’t mention it even one word. I felt bad about that. When I talked my situation with my friends, they all showed their concern to me. I always felt warm from my friends.

I just don’t know why my aunt always treats my good if she doesn’t like me. She complains everybody including her coworkers, her neighbors, and her friends. Since I live with her everyday, although I have not heard she blamed me, I doubt there were many chances that she could dislike me. She said all people were too selfish, and she felt extremely tired to deal with them. On this point, I disagree with her. She just doesn’t know how to make friends, and how to find out the merit from other people living around us.

Her personality is a little bit strange. Although she seems like nobody, when anybody comes to ask a favor, she rarely refuses to offer help. Probably, this is her way to survive in the society. Also, maybe this is the reason she treats me good. Since she is tired to deal with others, she only does something that she has to do. Cooking is necessary, but showing emotion is excessive. I understood.

Since in the family, nobody said good luck to me, I am going to say the words to myself. Have a good luck, Cha. I love u.


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