Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mid-term exams are approaching

The prof. of the Japanese history course is looks friendly in the beginning. But she became specking very fast in the classes lately, and yesterday she announced that she would not give us the review list of neither the mid-term nor final exams. She said we had to read the textbook, and every term on the book was possible on these exams. The mid-term exam will take place at March 12th, three weeks later, and it turns tough to us now.

I am going to write the paper of this course tomorrow. I wish I can finish the three-page long paper within one day. Before March 20th, I still have to another paper of the Oriental Studies course needs to finish. After I finish them, I will concentrate on preparing for those mid-term exams. I have been concerning about my grammar mistakes for long time. But because there are too many other serious problems emerged lately, I guess I have to put the grammar issue as a minor concern and see the content as the most important part, which I need pay a special attention on.

The Anthropology courses are not easy at all. The Anthropology 102 is about biology, human evolution. There are throughout difficult and very long new vocabularies, which requires much time involving. The format of this course is multiple choice questions. I have to memorize those similar words very clearly; otherwise, it’s easy to make mistakes.

We don’t have textbook for the Anthropology 101. At first, I was happy about that; the reason is obviously, saving money. However, later, I realized that without a textbook, it’s difficult to do review. The professor doesn’t make his note available for us, and I don’t trust my class note at all. I still cannot take a good note. I copy everything perfessors write down on the blackboard, but I am unable to write down all the points that he speaks.

When I thought about those troubles of my study yesterday night, I woke up at 4 am and just could sleep. Probably, the only thing I need to do now is stopping writing blog, but study for the mid-term exams. The many As I earned before making extreme stress to me.


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