Monday, June 04, 2007

The first of the summer class

Today is the first day of the summer class. My class is European history from 1815 until present. The professor seems very friendly. There is no paper but only one mid-term exam and a final exam, each of them weight 50% of the final grade. This course will end at June 27. Therefore, the whole month of June, the chief job of mine is to focus on the piece of history. I am also working in the Media center every Monday and Tuesday afternoon during the summer. I like to do that; it is not a hard job, and I can earn some money from it to pay for my lunch.

My friend Joseph will visit China this month with his Guongfu master. His master will take him to Beijing, Xian, and Baoji. They had planed to go to Sichuan and Qingchensan before, but the plan has been altered. Joseph felt bad about that because he expected to go Sichuan to meet my husband. When we were talking this during our lunch last Thursday, Zhiyin said if Joseph really wanted to meet somebody in China, she had some friends in Beijing, she could give their phone numbers to him, and he might meet them.


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