Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An A- of Oriental Study 140 W course

I got an A- of Oriental Study 140 W course. It is not a bad grade for a Writing intensive course. Probably, this course is too difficult for the American students, so the professor curved the final grade for all the students. Some students know nothing about East Religion before they come to this class. How can they understand the several major religions in the world within several months studying?

Next semester, I am going to have a course of Greek civilization. The reason I take it is I am tired to study Chinese civilization repeatedly although it is an easy way to get credits and higher grades. I have taken those courses, which related to Chinese civilization and history three semesters. I wish to expand my knowledge as wide as possible during the college study.

According to the course description, taking the Greek civilization course, students don’t have to have any the knowledge of Greek civilization. However, since it is a brand new field for me, I am worry that I may fall into the difficult situation similar with the American students who are in the East Religion course. Anyway, I’ll try.

When I was young, I thought I could learn everything by myself. However, after many years, I have not done one thing as a meaningful achievement. Thus, I gradually understand that following by a teacher or an education system to study is a better way to improve yourself.


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