Friday, December 08, 2006

English 110 is over

This morning, I finished my last English class. And after I summit my final paper, all my job about this course well be done. A college writing course sould be difficult for ESL students and quiet a few friends of mine said they failed it. But my class is not difficult at all. The professor didn't requir much, probably only minim requirment. For me, it is good becuase I am not good at English and I have to focus on how to pass courses and get scores as high as possible. However, if I were an American student and were one who really wants to learn English writing, I would not take this kind of classes. I care about the chance studying in college, and I wish learn as more as I can.
A few days ago I went to a supermarket nearby my home where I used to work. While I was talking with my ex-coworkers, they were all interested about college life, a young girl interrupted in. I didn't know her before. She probably is a new arrival. She wants to go to college so much. In spite of that I am a strange for her, she talked with me and asked for help a lot. I am truly understad what her helpless feeling becuase it is a bitter experience which I have tastied. This morning she came to our college to meet me. I brought her to the Adimission center and explained something about the college. She is only a teenager, as soon as she enrolls college, she will understand everything very soon. Good future.


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