Monday, December 04, 2006

My new website

I have linked my blog to my new website. This summer when I was in China, I found that I couldn't open my blog here, so I signed another one on Sina is the most popular website in China. A few days ago, When my husband tried to open my website, he told me he successfully opened my old blog also. It's good that he can read my English blog now. I like writing blog on more on The system is better. I can edit, delete my blogs on blogspot, but on sina blog I cannot do that. Even though I find some mistakes, I can only leave them here forever. Also, Sina porbids I publish long blog, or probably anything they dislike. When I spead one or two hours to read a piece of blog but cannot put on my blog, I feel disappointed.
I work for my website to fulfill my computer course requirment. But now, I feel fun to work on it. It's pity that I cannot keep my website after end of this computer course. I wish I can find a place where I can build a website that belong to me longer.
This is my website,


At 5:21 AM , Blogger Emi_Shimosato said...

Hi! I am very glad that you are very positive. Sounds like your aunt is very nice and great lady. She must be protecting you mentally...
I read your web-site! Thank you for writing about me, I feel embarassed a little. ha-ha. I appreciate you saying I am your favorite friend. Thanks :-)
The address of my handmade shop is listed on my blog. Just in case, I paste it here too. Thanks for asking!


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