Sunday, February 11, 2007

The first paper of this semester

I have spent around ten hours to finish the draft of the first paper of the Oriental Studies course. The length is three and half pages. Although I still cannot avoid making grammatical mistakes, I noticed a remarkable improvement of my English writing. I have never forgotten the extremely painful experience when I wrote my first seven-page history paper a year ago. While I sat before the computer, I just didn’t know how to go on. I spent two whole weekends to do that, but what I wrote was nobody could understand. My cousin spent another two whole days to help me revise it from context, words, and style.

I appreciate his help although he no longer helps me now. After I became a foreign student, I realized that academic success was so difficult to achieve. Without necessary supports, some people dropped out on the half way. It’s a real tragedy that people losing the chance to expand their knowledge and perspective. It is different from people studying in their homeland, where they have a much larger chance to find supports either for financial or tutorial. I wish I can have the good luck and go as far as possible in the way of study.


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