Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Library is my paradise

Since I registered a tutor in the Writing Center before I changed my classes, today when I came to check my schedule of the writing tutor, I found there was a time conflict between my tutor appointment and one of my classes. I reported it immediately to the faculty who in charge of the Writing Center. He responded as he would put my name into the waiting list, if there were tutors available, they would notify to me. However, I felt it was little chance that they would rearrange a tutor to me.

I met my friend Joseph on the way and told him the bad news. His opinion was disappointed me, “They won’t assign a tutor to you again, realistically.” But I believed he was right. It’s really unlucky that I have a W course but losing a writing tutor. Even though most of these tutors couldn’t better help me, I cann’t stand to feel terrible that I cannot meet a tutor and access any limited help.

I have been staying library five hours this afternoon working with the paper of my Japanese history course. I have chosen a topic as Shinto. Through five hours work, I got the introduction and a half of the first body paragraph; I’d like regardless the grammatical mistake here. I had little knowledge about Shinto before, but after spending several hours working on it, I have had some idea about it. In spite of the busy schedule and intensive pressure, I really enjoy the live of academic studying.

The time is 9 pm now. Most students left, and the library became empty and quiet. I like this moment. My mother is not here, nobody is looking forward me coming back home at night. I wish I could stay in the campus in my entire life; there is no more joy than that, which I could achieve.

Library is my paradise.


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