Thursday, February 08, 2007

A good question

I mentioned before I enjoyed professor Sukhu’s class. When he talks about Asian culture, whatever they are about philosophy, history, or literature, professor Sukhu’s shows his passion on them. Today we studied about the concepts of Yin Yang, five elements, and the Classic of Odes. He read those earliest poems to us, which remained me my grandpa, who recited those poems to me when I was a kid.

At end of the class, I asked him a question about whether there are some relationship between Yin Yang, Five Elements and Confucianism. He called it was a good question. Perhaps it’s really nothing special, but it is special for me because this is the first time I have asked a “good question”. I usually couldn’t well understand in class and unable to ask a critical question. For another reason, I am usually too worry about my pronunciation to speak out in class. This was one of handful times I asked question in front of class.

Ask a good question means you are thinking and you are reaching the essential part of the topic. In addition, I have talked with Professor Sukhu after class several times; thus, this time I assumed that he could understand my English in the class as well.

Professor Sukhu is not a Chinese, probably it is a shame that a non-Chinese teaches Chinese classic texts to us. However, I feel that I can understand such a situation.

I have heard that many Egyptians have no idea about their ancient civilization, but only value the pyramids, for example, as a rich resource of the tourism. Chinese ignore their civilization also. Young generations are completely attracted by the modern civilization. They seeing the classical literature and philosophy have nothing to do with their current lives.

Rare people are as lucky as me accepted well training of Chinese literature and philosophy during the childhood. Since I aware how great and fascinating Chinese civilization is, I deeply feel pity to people who losing the chance to come into the paradise and to taste one of the most sweat fruit of spiritual. Another important point of it is this enjoyment, unlike the joy to have an expensive material life, you need pay no money to access.


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